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Australian Permanent Residency

Immigration simply leads to settlements and settlement means to stay, work and grow inside the country. If you are not a born citizen of Australia doesn’t mean that you can’t become a permanent member of the country. If you want to Migrate to Australia and stay and work in Australia then you will have to look into the various possibilities and Visa Category options that suits your needs and requirement and provide you a platform to obtain a life and career in a country like Australia which is a dream destination for most of the people looking for Overseas Migration.

Among all the Visa categories available for Australia Migration as per the government of Australia, the most popular, convenient and relevant category as per the Australian Immigration experts is the Permanent Resident Visa (PR Visa) category.

What is Permanent Resident Visa?

Permanent Resident Visa helps you enter Australia independently and settle there on a permanent basis where you can enjoy all the Privileges & Rights of the Nation without being its Citizen. Permanent Resident Visa Program is basically to add skilled migrants to boost the economy of the Nation so if you are a skilled migrant with specific occupational experience with relevant education then it’s made especially for you.

Australian Permanent Resident Visa (PR Visa)

1. Benefits Of Permanent Resident Visa.

  • This visa is having indefinite validity with an initial validity of 5 years (Extendable).
  • Can apply for Australian Citizenship after staying for an ascertained time.
  • Can independently work in any organization with a few exceptions.
  • Can avail health care benefits from govt. (Medicare) as a citizen of Australia.
  • After two years, can avail Social Security Benefits I.e. Sickness, unemployment etc.
  • Can sponsor your relatives for Permanent Resident (under certain criteria).
  • Can visit New Zealand and apply for New Zealand Permanent Resident visa.
  • Any born child during the stay will be a born citizen of Australia.
  • All the family members will get the same benefit as of you with few exceptions.

2. Eligibility Requirements for Australia PR Visa.

  • Should meet the Minimum Point Requirement of 65 points for Eligibility
  • The Occupation should be in accordance with SOL or CSOL list
  • Will have to get a good score in Required Language Adaptability Test
  • Should have at least three years of Relevant Experience
  • Should be fit medically and should hold a clear character

3. How we help you to get the PR Visa

  • We do a Pre Assessment of your profile to minimize the rejection chances
  • We assist you to collect and complete the required documents
  • We deal with the Government Authorities on your behalf if required
  • We submit your Visa Application step by step via our Documentation Experts

Australian Permanent Resident Visa contains some basic & Imp. Subclasses which are important to be understood for a better understanding of Australian PR Visa Process and to extract all the major and minor benefits of Permanent Resident Visa of Australia. Once we will be getting clarity about the PR Visa process (which nowadays is the main concern as it totally depends on the quality of counseling you will be received by your consultant) then it can be easy for you to understand the Australia Immigration Better.

Important Subclasses

These are the most basic, important and frequently enjoyed subclasses for PR Visa applicants which are classified as per the requirements of the various applicant under the similar program. You can select any specific Subclass as per your eligibility and requirement by which you can make your immigration process faster and smoother.

1. Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent)(Point Based)

  • This Subclass is for Skilled Workers tested on the Point Basis
  • No need of sponsorship from family or Employer
  • Stay Duration – Permanent

2. Subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated)

  • This Subclass is for Skilled Workers nominated by any Australian State/Territory
  • Should have a Relevant Occupation as per their availability
  • Stay Duration – Permanent

3. Subclass 489 (Skilled Regional Visa)

  • This Subclass allows a skilled Worker to live in low population growth metro areas
  • Must be nominated by any State or Territory in Australia
  • Stay Duration – Four Years

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