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Canada Express Entry DrawCanada, the maple country is the most preferred destination for starting a new life because of its diverse culture, mounting economy, lucrative job prospects, better standard of living, welcoming people and a clean environment. Other than all these attractions the most concrete pull for the aspiring immigrants are the benefits provided by the country to the citizens and the permanent residents. .The best way for foreign nationals dreaming to settle in Canada and avail these benefits is to Apply Canada PR visa through the various pathways offered by IRCC.

Ways to apply for Canada PR Visa:-

Out of all the above three programs, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is the best suited and the easiest way to fulfill your dream. Under Federal Skilled Worker Program there are two subclasses which are most popular with the capable and eligible Immigrants – Express Entry Program and Provincial Nominee Program. Before going into the depth of these two programs let’s check out the changes and Express Entry draw prediction table for a better understanding of the opportunities that can be expected in the more future.

Express Entry New Rules And Changes Announced By IRCC In The Year 2019

Expansion and development of the Canadian Immigration Program in sync with the requirements of the Labor Market have been the major concern of IRCC and because of this very reason, Express Entry Program was introduced in the year 2015 to streamline the applicants in a better way. New Changes introduced by IRCC in the year 2019 are majorly related to escalating your CRS scores under points like candidates who have a sibling in Canada or are living as a citizen or as a permanent resident have extra scores, also, the candidates with the proven French language ability will be awarded extra points too.

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Free Assessment Service is provided by AP Immigration for the betterment of the clients understanding of the chances of getting selected for Canada PR Visa. Let’s look at the observation and comparison chart of the Express entry Draw according to our experience.

Observation and Prediction for 2019

As immigration experts, it is our duty to observe and compare the statistics of the previous year and accordingly predict the statistics and expected changes of the upcoming year. In the previous year of 2018, the Express Entry CRS Scores have lowered down increasing the number of ITA through various PR programs offered by IRCC. 2018 crossed the benchmark for ITA’s set in the year 2017 by 3,777.

The lowest score released in the year 2018 has been 439 which lights up hope in the aspiring applicants that CRS scores are expected to drop even further increasing the number of ITA in comparison to the year 2018.

Let us go through the tabular chart to check the draws in the year 2018 and expect or predict the upcoming draws in the year 2019.

Draw No. Score Date of Draw No. of ITA’s issued
25th 439 19th Dec 2018 3,900
24th 445 12th Dec 2018 3,900
23rd 445 28th Nov 2018 3,900
22nd 449 15th Nov 2018 3,900
21st 442 29th Oct 2018 3,900
20th 440 15th Oct 2018 3,900
19th 445 03rd Oct 2018 3,900
18th 441 19th Sep 2018 3,500
17th 440 05th Sep 2018 3,900
16th 440 22nd Aug 2018 3,750
15th 440 08th Aug 2018 3,750
14th 441 25th Jul 2018 3,750
13th 442 11th Jul 2018 3,750
12th 442 25th June 2018 3,750
11th 451 13th June 2018 3,750
10th 441 09th May 2018 3,500
9th 440 23rd May 2018 3,500
8th 441 26th Apr 2018 3,500
7th 444 11th Apr 2018 3,000
6th 446 27th Mar 2018 3,000
5th 456 14th Mar 2018 3,000
4th 442 21st Feb 2018 3,000
3rd 442 07th Feb 2018 3,000
2nd 444 24th Jan 2018 2,750
1st 446 10th Jan 2018 2,750


Canada Express Entry Program is the most loved immigration programs because of its easy going and simple procedure. Follow the below mentioned steps for smooth immigration to Canada.

1. Attain the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report from a recognized assessing authority, i.e. WES or IQAS.

2. Choose an occupation from the list of NOC (National Occupational Classification), i.e. Skill Level 0, A, B, etc.

3. To be able to be considered under Express entry program, you need to create an express entry profile

4. Applicants are suggested to register with Job Bank through a Job Match account. (This account can be used to search for jobs and is a great way for applicants to navigate their professional careers in Canada.

You will be considered in one of these four categories:

Note: Out of all the four programs Federal Skilled Worker Program and Provincial Nominee Program are the most favorable immigration categories for Indian populace.

Once all these steps are followed, your application will be placed in an Express Entry candidate pool where through the Comprehensive Ranking System your CRS points score will be calculated. The higher the scores are the more likely you are to be invited to Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada. If you are invited to apply, then you have 90 days to submit the required documents to apply online.

Six selection aspects of Canada express entry program

To qualify the 67 points out of 100 factors, you need to be eligible under the below-mentioned criteria’s:

  1. Age: Apt age group is 18 to 35 years. Candidates above 45 years of age have an option of Provincial Nominee Program
  2. Qualification: Equivalent to Canadian Benchmark
  3. Work Experience under O, A, B Noc Code: Minimum of 1 year of steady full-time work for a salary in the past 10 years
  4. Language Ability: More than 6 bands in each module. As required to be eligible under 67 point calculator
  5. Adaptability: If you are married or an in a common-law relationship and your spouse or partner will also immigrate to Canada with you, then you get an extra 10 points for the adaptability.
  6. Arranged Employment: If you are migrating to Canada with a job offer by a Canadian employer you get an extra 10 points in your profile
    Miscellaneous Requirements are:

    • (a.) Proof of Funds: Proof of funds is required to show that the candidate will be able to support you and your family after moving to Canada.
    • (b.) Minimum Points for Selection: Once you qualify all the basic requirements for immigration, you will be allotted a CRS points score and ranked against other PR applicants.

Documents List For A Successful Visa Application Under Express Entry Program:

  • Photograph of the principal applicant
  • Medical certificate
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Passport and other travel documents (along with copies)
  • Work Experience Letter (Letter of Recommendation)
  • Proof of Funds (for FSW stream)

Canada PR Express Entry Processing Time 2018

The average time taken by the IRCC to evaluate immigration applications is 6 months or less.
Follow the steps below to apply for Canada PR:

  • First Step: Education Credential Evaluation
  • Second Step: Once you acquire the appropriate IELTS score of CLB-9
  • Third Step: Expression of Interest Filing
  • Fourth Step: Waiting for the CRS(Comprehensive Ranking System) cut-off
  • Fifth Step: Invitation to Apply
  • Sixth Step: Documents Uploading for EOI
  • Seventh Step: Verification of documents
  • Eighth Step: Visa Approval

How Can A Consultancy Help You Better:

  • Appoint a trustworthy visa consultancy for a crystal clear and positive results
  • Get your technical Evaluation done by your immigration Consultant
  • Prepare and give IELTS exam to establish language proficiency
  • Start your application Process – through Express Entry Program or Provincial Nominee Program
  • Complete the documentation process
  • Education and work experience documents authentication is required
  • Get ready with your proof of funds to ensure that you are capable of surviving in Canada
  • Be ready with Medical Checkup and Police verification record
  • Get ready for filing your Visa application
  • Prepare for your departure to Canada

AP Immigration Pvt. Ltd.’s Contribution In Helping You With Your Canada Pr Process?

The key reason behind choosing us is the 100% visa success rate because of the transparency and harmony between the Documentation Team and the client. The positive or negative client testimonials and reviews edify us something in their own special way. Like positive reviews appreciate and motivates us similarly negative reviews helps us improve ourselves and work towards the betterment of our imperfections. Client contentment and PR visa success is our main motto, unlike other companies who make money by selling dreams to aspiring and hopeful people. We believe in making family like relations with our clients.

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Draw # Minimum CRS Score Required Date of Draw # of ITAs Issued
23 460 18th Dec 2015 1,503
22 461 04th Dec 2015 1,451
21 472 27th Nov 2015 1,559
20 484 13th Nov 2015 1,506
19 489 23rd Oct 2015 1,502
18 450 02nd Oct 2015 1,530
17 450 18th Sep 2015 1,545
16 459 08th Sep 2015 1,517
15 456 21st Aug 2015 1,523
14 471 07th Aug 2015 1,402
13 451 17th Jul 2015 1,581
12 463 10th Jul 2015 1,516
11 469 27th Jun 2015 1,575
10 482 12th Jun 2015 1,501
9 755 22nd May 2015 1,361
8 453 17th Apr 2015 715
7 469 10th Apr 2015 925
6 453 27th Mar 2015 1,637
5 481 20th Mar 2015 1,620
4 735 27th Feb 2015 1,187
3 808 (*Canadian Experience Class only) 20th Feb 2015 849
2 818 07th Feb 2015 779
1 886 31st Jan 2015 779
Draw No. CRS Score Date of Draw No. of ITAs Issued
27th 475 22nd Dec 2018 2,878
26th 497 16th Dec 2015 1,936
25th 786 (*Provincial Nominee Programs only) 30th Nov 2016 559
24th 470 16th Nov 2016 2,427
23rd 472 02nd Nov 2016 2,080
22nd 475 19th Oct 2016 1,804
21st 484 12th Oct 2016 1,518
20th 483 21st Sep 2016 1,288
19th 491 07th Sep 2016 1,000
18th 538 24th Aug 2016 750
17th 490 10th Aug 2016 754
16th 488 27th Jul 2016 755
15th 482 13th Jul 2016 747
14th 482 29th Jun 2016 773
13th 488 15th Jun 2016 752
12th 483 01st Jun 2016 762
11th 484 18th May 2016 763
10th 534 6th May 2016 799
9th 468 20th Apr 2016 1,018
8th 470 6th Apr 2016 954
7th 470 23rd Mar 2016 1,014
6th 473 08th Mar 2016 1,013
5th 453 24th Feb 2016 1,484
4th 459 10th Feb 2016 1,505
3rd 457 28th Jan 2016 1,468
2nd 453 13th Jan 2016 1,518
1st 461 06th Jan 2016 1,463
Draw No. CRS Score Date of Draw No. of ITAs Issued
30th 446 20th Dec 2017 2,750
29th 452 06th Dec 2017 2,750
28th 439 15th Nov 2017 2,750
27th 458 08th Nov 2017 2,000
26th 241 (*Federal Skilled Trades candidates only) 01st Nov 2017 505
25th 673 (*Provincial nominee programs only) 01st Nov 2017 290
24th 436 18th Oct 2017 2,757
23rd 438 04th Oct 2017 2,801
22nd 433 20th Sep 2017 2,871
21st 435 06th Sep 2017 2,772
20th 434 23rd Aug 2017 3,035
19th 433 09th Aug 2017 2,991
18th 441 02nd Aug 2017 3,264
17th 440 12th Jul 2017 3,202
16th 449 28th Jun 2017 3,409
15th 413 31st May 2017 3,877
14th 199 (*Federal Skilled Trades candidates only) 26th May 2017 400
13th 775 (*Provincial nominee programs only) 26th May 2017 143
12th 415 17th May 2017 3,687
11th 423 04th May 2017 3,796
10th 415 19th Apr 2017 3,665
9th 423 12th Apr 2017 3,923
8th 431 05th Apr 2017 3,753
7th 441 24th Mar 2017 3,749
6th 434 01st Mar 2017 3,884
5th 441 22nd Feb 2017 3,611
4th 447 08th
Feb 2017
3rd 453 25th
Jan 2017
2nd 459 11th
Jan 2017
1st 468 4th
Jan 2017

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